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Ruby Red Grapefruit
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Grapefruit is Available Throughout Our Entire Season

A Monthly Citrus Club Plan is a
great gift for yourself or others that
gives the entire citrus season.
3 month, 6 month, and 7 month
plans are available and every
delivery is satisfaction guaranteed.
$10.99/shipment [More]

Mmmmmmmmm so good!  So creamy, so much chocolate!  Four and a half pounds in all. [More]

Florida Oranges and Ruby Red
Grapefruit, grove-fresh, picked
and packed in a wooden replica
grove crate.

Available in many sizes and
overloaded with fine chocolates,
cheeses, nuts, gourmet cookies,
crackers, jam and savory snacks.
A versatile gift for any occasion.


No matter the season, three of the very best flavors of Florida, all in one value-priced gift!

Take four exceptional Florida
varieties; add two Orchard fresh
fruits plus four tasty treats and it
all equals…The Top Ten.
We’ve arranged the season’s
brightest, best Oranges,
Tangelos, Tangerines and
Ruby Red Grapefruit with [More]

When they open the box they’ll find
four gorgeous varieties of Florida
citrus! An outstanding gift box
brimming with a sampling of our
freshest [More]

Florida harvests the sweetest
juciest grapefruits.
Try some for You and Yours!

No matter the season, three of
the very best flavors of Florida
citrus will arrive at one time, all
in one, value-priced gift!
• Florida Oranges
• Ruby Red Grapefruit
• Delicious Tangelos
One tray with Florida Oranges,
Ruby Red Grapefruit and Tangelos.
Approximately 16 lbs of fruit
GIFT #1025 only $49.95 [More]
Available November through March.

Dazzling gold gift boxes filled with
juicy Ruby Red Grapefruit, golden
Florida Oranges, a box of Pecan
Vanilla Thimble Cookies, Florida
Sunshine Candies, a sumptuous
nougat-filled Pecan Log Roll and
Gourmet Columbian Supremo